Hello and Welcome!

The members of Nashwaaksis United Church need little reason to get together for some fun and fellowship.  We know that nothing brightens a room better than sparkling eyes, a warm smile, and a kind word.  Gathering together for worship, study, and action we are encouraged in our faith and equipped to share the love of God in Spirit and Truth.  Each of us goes out into our neighborhood and community as a messenger of God's Good News.  We know that our words and deeds make present the gospel of Jesus Christ as they encourage our family, friends, neighbors, and strangers met along the way.  In this, as in everything, we give thanks to our living God!

Our Staff and Council

We are blessed with the basic resource of a successful Church - people giving their time and talent to support the mission and work of the gospel. We are convinced that those who wash dishes serve equally with those who lead worship. There is no task more or less necessary than any other. This point comes home with great conviction when a toilet gets plugged and overflows. Thanks be to God for the one who knows where to find plunger and mop and how to put them to good use!


Those who are eager to grow in Grace know well that getting involved offers opportunity to practice what we preach. If you or someone you know would like to get involved - let us know! We'll find a good fit for your talent and your time.