6 Part Sermon Series: How to let go of grudges and bitterness

Everybody has been hurt by the actions or words of another. Your mother may have criticized your parenting skills. Your friends may have gossiped about you. Your partner may have had an affair. These wounds caused by these actions can leave us with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness, and even vengeance. To have these feelings is a natural response but when we allow these feelings to rule our lives, we are the ones who pay most dearly. Join us for a 6-week series as we learn how to let go of resentments, feelings of hurt, and thoughts of revenge. Join us as we learn how to forgive others and free ourselves.

Part Six: LIMITS OF FORGIVENESS -- As we seek forgiveness, we also need to become aware of what it does not do.

Part Five: DETERMINE IF YOU WANT TO REPAIR THE RELATIONSHIP AND BE CANDID ABOUT THE PROBLEM -- A lot of people don’t want to forgive, because they think if they forgive then they’ve got to trust them again. No. That’s a whole different issue! Forgiving a person does not mean you have to trust them. The answer to “Will you forgive me?” may be yes, but the answer to “Can we go back to the way it was?” can be “no.” Forgiveness is based on grace. Trust is built on works. You earn trust. You don’t earn forgiveness.

Part Four: Choose Happiness Over Righteousness: Real resentment over real damage by a real person produces a justifiable resentment. No one doubts you have been hard done by but hanging on to that grudge will change you … so Choose Happiness Over Righteousness.

Part Three:  Bring our Hurts to God and be filled with the Holy Spirit: When your heart is breaking or when you’re confused and feeling worthless or down on yourself because of the way someone treated you, don’t turn away from God, turn towards Him.

Part Two: Releasing the Hurt: When we are hurt, something is taken away from us … our reputation, our trust, a friendship. This hurt diminishes us. Before we can truly forgive we have to face what has happened and grieve what we have lost.

Part One:  Revenge vs Forgiveness: When we are hurt, it is instinctive to lash back at that someone who hurt us. Yet if we take “an eye for an eye” the pain of that hurt is immediately doubled. What does that do to society? What does that do to us? How do we recover from the loss the hurt has caused?