Priscilla Geisterfer first began serving as the Faith Formation Coordinator at Nashwaaksis United church in 2011.  Priscilla’s training in storytelling and in biblical interpretation along with her 16 years of experience developing curriculum for youth and children’s spiritual nourishment make her a valued member of our staff.

Priscilla is equipped with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, a certificate in Theology, an M.A.TH and a PhD in biblical scholarship all from Saint Paul University. Throughout her academic career, she felt called to ordained ministry and became ordained as an Interfaith minister in 2012. In addition, Priscilla is a certified Godly Play Storyteller and an Interspiritual Spiritual Counselor. She has a private Spiritual Counseling practice right here in the church.

Priscilla would tell you that it is her own children that have taught her how to find the sacred in the ordinary. Through their eyes and wonder, Priscilla was encouraged to take complex theological ideas and translate them into everyday language so that they are accessible to everyone! Priscilla practices a theology of inclusion and acceptance. She loves to hear your stories and will tell you a story or two of God’s love for you. Her programs are innovative and engaging…come check out a bible study, or a youth event and experience Priscilla’s ministry for yourself.