Sunday, October 14, 2018 ~ 10:30am Morning Worship with Rev. Lisa Greenwood

Gathering Songs:  “Come In, Come In and Sit Down”  and  “Jesus Loves Me”




Opening Hymn:  “Sing a Happy Hallelujah”   

Prayer of Approach and Confession: God of the ages, whose care for your children spans generations, we praise and adore you. We hear how you led Israel through their wanderings and brought them safely to the promised land.  We are taught that Christ calls us to enter your covenant. You open your Kingdom to all who believe in you.  We take part in your graciousness and live by your mercy.  Hear our worship of you as we confess our faith anew.

You entrust us as stewards.  We confess our abuse of what you place in our care.  We foul the water by deliberate disposal; the air is polluted with emissions we create.  We burn the forests through carelessness; the oceans are poisoned with toxins. Forgive our neglect of nature's delicate balance.  Have mercy upon us as we renew our commitment to the created order.   Amen.

Words of comfort and Assurance:  As we confess our sin we see Jesus, "who for a little while was made lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honour because of the suffering of death.  By the grace of God he tasted death for everyone".  Now be assured that "Christ who sanctifies and those who are sanctified have all one origin."  In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Children’s Hymn:  “Like a Rock”

Children’s Time


Dedication:  “What Can I Do?”

The Lord’s Prayer


Scripture:  Mark 10:  13 - 16        


Ministry of Music


Sermon:  Rev. Lisa Greenwood


Closing Hymn: “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”



Sung Benediction: “Jesus, Teacher, Brave and Bold”