Your Family Church

December 9, 2018

Rev. Lisa Greenwood




Today’s Bulletin is Dedicated in

Loving Memory of a devoted Husband,

Herb Shephard, from Wilma


Gathering Songs:             “I’ve Got Peace Like a River”                     VU 577

                                     “Angels We Have Heard on High”           VU 38




Call to Worship:

L. To you, O God, I lift up my soul.  In you I put my trust.

P.  Make me to know your ways; teach me your paths.

L.  Let us worship God.


Hymn:                  “Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus”                         VU 2



Candlelighting Response:     “Christ Be Our Light”  (screen)


Advent Prayer:  In unison (on screen)


Opening Prayer:  O God, you are like a refining fire and a purifying agent.  We praise you that in Christ you make us whole again.  We gather to hear his coming announced.  Fill our mouths with laughter at the prospect of our forgiveness and our hope in Christ.  Be with us now as we come into your presence with singing



Prayer of Confession:   (Unison)

God of abounding grace, have mercy upon us.  Our valleys are deep when we are encompassed with care.  Our mountains are high when our burdens are heavy.  We grope in the maze of our tangled feelings.  We reap the pain of bad choices and ignorant gambles.   You promised that all flesh shall see your salvation.  Show us the straight path and smooth way that lead to your righteousness.  Amen.

Words of Assurance:  Paul prays that "love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent.  Hear these words of promise.   Friends, in Christ, our sins are forgiven.” 

Children’s Hymn:            “Hope is a Star” (vs. 1& 2)                           VU 7

Story Time


Offering Dedication:  Advent Offering  (screen)

Offertory Prayer:   God, you know our thoughts before they are spoken.  You refine our impure acts so they conform to your will.  May what we say reflect your purpose for creation, and what we do be consistent with your intent.  Shape what we give you to suit your pleasure and fashion us to fit your design.  Amen.

Scripture:        Philippians 1:  3 – 11; Luke 3:  1 - 6   


Ministry of Music:   Sarah MacLoon – “Perfect Peace”


Sermon:           Rev Lisa Greenwood


Prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer

Closing Hymn:               “There’s a Voice in the Wilderness”         VU 18 



Sung Benediction:     “Saviour, Dwell With Us”  (screen)