Your Family Church
March 17, 2019
Rev. Lisa Greenwood

Gathering Songs:      “Come, We That Love”        VU 714
                               “Come, Let Us Sing”            VU 222


Opening Hymn:   “All the Way my Saviour Leads Me”    VU 635
Call to Worship:
L.     Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear God; on those who hope in Gods' steadfast love.
P.     Our soul waits for the Lord; God is our help and our shield.  Yes, your hearts are glad because we trust in God's Holy name.
L.     Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we have put our hope in you. 
Prayer of Approach (unison):
You keep your eye upon us, O God; you protect us like a shield.  You give us hope in spite of the disquiet that lingers within us; you lift our spirits and make us glad.  All creation sings your praise.  We, your people, praise your name.  Hear us as we worship.  Speak to us as we gather.  We seek to be filled with your Spirit and made alive by your abiding Word.
Prayer of Confession (unison):
You call us to become pilgrims, to follow you in a journey by faith.  You promise that you will be with us and that our needs will be met.  Yet, we cling to our possessions, trusting them for security.  You call us to unfamiliar places, asking us to trust your will.  Your way is challenging; we are anxious and uncertain, sometimes shying away from your guidance.  Have mercy upon us and forgive our hesitant steps.    Amen
Words of Assurance:
“Jesus….for the sake of the joy that lay ahead of him, endured the cross, making light of its disgrace.  He has taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of God.”  Our faith depends on Christ from start to finish.  Christ intercedes for us constantly.  Therein lies our hope and our assurance.

Children’s Hymn:    “Will You Come and Follow Me?”    VU 567
Story Time
Dedication:         “A Lenten Doxology”     (screen)
Prayers of the People
The Lord’s Prayer

Scripture:    John 3:  1 - 17    

Ministry of Music

Sermon:         Rev Lisa Greenwood

Closing Hymn:         ”I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” (screen)    


Sung Benediction:     Lenten Benediction (screen)
An Irish Blessing from the Choir


NASHWAAKSIS UNITED CHURCH, 46 Main Street, Fredericton, E3A 1C1
Church Office – Phone 458-9452; email:

Rev Kay Clowater        Pulpit Supply Minister
Rev Lisa Greenwood        Pulpit Supply Minister
Rev Priscilla Geisterfer    Faith Formation Coordinator
Heather Brannon        Music Director
Linda Dunham            Office Administrator

Our Mission:   “We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ, focused on Scripture, and led by the Holy Spirit.  We are called to exemplify the life and love of Jesus Christ; to nurture our Christian faith through worship, study, fellowship and service; and to be a caring people, reaching out to each other, our neighbours, and to all God’s people.”