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Clergy:  Rev. Kay Clowater

January 13, 2019


The Bulletin today is Dedicated in

Loving Memory of Bob Colpitts

From Eva and Family


Gathering Songs:       “How Firm a Foundation”                  VU #660

                                    “A Little Child the Saviour Came”     VU #445




 *Call to Awareness

One: This is a day of new beginnings.
All:    This is a time to remember how Jesus’ ministry began.
One:  From the moment of his Baptism by John
All:    Jesus understood his call from God.
One:  Lord, open our hearts and spirits to hear your call to us.
All:    Give us wisdom and courage to follow you always. Amen.         [adapted from Seasons of Spirit]

*Hymn:           “Morning Has Broken”                                   VU #409

Gathering Prayer:   You call our names, O God, and speak them in love.      Each one is known and held by you, affirming our place in your heart                                                     In water, we are bound together;  in love, we are made one;              

                                  in grace, we are renewed.           So we celebrate our belonging, and hear again in the story of Jesus a call for us to follow.                                                        God of Glory we confess that our lives and our churches have not always glorified you. For all those times when your church through its ignorance  and  lack of compassion, failed to uplift the inherent worth and dignity of all your children, and affirmed that they are beloved and precious in your sight, forgive us. 

(Silent confession)                      (adapted from Seasons of the Spirit]

The Prayer of Jesus    

Words of Comfort and Assurance

 Focus Verses                                                                                                          

  Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.” {Luke 3:21,22}

Hymn:                         “When Jesus Came to be Baptized”               VU #100

Time with the Children

Prayer for Illumination

Living God, by the power of your Spirit let your Word ring in our ears, open our minds, and set our hearts afire so that we are transformed from hearers into doers of your Word. Amen.                                                                                            

Hebrew Scripture:     Isaiah 43:1-7    

Gospel Lesson:           Luke 3:15-17; 21-22   


Response to Scripture Readings:

All: May the Spirit bless us with wisdom and wonder, as we ponder the meaning of these words for our lives.


Ministry of Music:  




Litany of Baptismal Renewal                                                                                              

    One: Baptism symbolizes a new beginning.                                                                                 

   All: Thanks be to our Creator, who creates us and re-creates us every day!                                                                                                                              

Two: The voice of our God speaks in the thunder and in the gently swaying trees!                                                                                                                             All:  The voice tells us we are God’s beloved!   

   One: In the deep waters of life—     

  Two: God is with us.

   One: In the passionate fires of life—   

   Two: God is with us.     

   One: And we are free in God’s love to be re-created. 

   All:   We are free to be blessed by God’s Spirit again and again.

  One: God has brought us safely through both calm and stormy waters,               

Two: and God has promised to be with us always. 

 One: So be renewed in your faith in God,   

 Two: and take the light of Christ with you wherever you go.

 All: We go in peace to love and serve our God.      

                                                          (Seasons of the Spirit)                                                                                                                              

Offertory- Sung Offertory -Prayer of Dedication 

                                                       “In Gratitude and Humble Trust”                                      VU #544                                                    

 Prayers of and for the People

Hymn:                  I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry”               VU #644   




Sung Benediction:     “Go With Us Lord”    {back of supplement}


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NASHWAAKSIS UNITED CHURCH, 46 Main Street, Fredericton, E3A 1C1

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Rev Kay Clowater                     Pulpit Supply Minister

Rev Lisa Greenwood                Pulpit Supply Minister

Rev. Priscilla Geisterfer            Faith Formation Coordinator

Heather Brannon                      Music Director

Linda Dunham                         Office Administrator



Our Mission:   “We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ, focused on Scripture, and led by the Holy Spirit.  We are called to exemplify the life and love of Jesus Christ; to nurture our Christian faith through worship, study, fellowship and service; and to be a caring people, reaching out to each other, our neighbours, and to all God’s people.”