Sunday, September 23, 2018 ~ 10:30am Morning Worship with Rev. Kay Clowater

Gathering Songs: “God, Who Touches Earth” and “In the Bulb There is a Flower”




Call to Awareness based on Genesis 1

One: Let us remember what our God has done!
All:  God created the world out of a formless void.
One: Let us remember what our God has done!
All:  God made every animal and plant, bird and fish.
One: Let us remember what our God has done!
All:  God created people in the image of God.
One: Let us remember what our God has done!
All:  God has made us caretakers of the earth.
One: Let us complete our task in faithfulness.

(ministry matters by Robert Blezard)


Hymn: “For the Beauty of the Earth”


Prayer of Approach and Confession:

Eternal God,
your Spirit moved on the waters—
and there was light,
your first creation.
your Spirit moved on the water of our baptism—
and again, there was light in our souls and hearts.
Let your holy light shine on us today,
as we remember your creation
and our special part in it.


Generous God, we have been placed here to care for all of creation. Forgive us for the times we neglect our duties as caretakers of the earth. Raise us up and make us again stewards of your creation that we may see your presence in all that surrounds us.

Words of Comfort and Assurance


John 1: 1, 2, 3a

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being.”


Hymn: All Things Bright and Beautiful”  (vs. 1-3)


Time with the Children


Hymn: All Things Bright and Beautiful” (vs. 4-5)


Prayer for Illumination

Eternal God, in the reading of scripture may your Word be heard:  in the meditations of our hearts, may your Word be known, and in the faithfulness of our lives, may your Word be seen.  Amen.


First Testament Lesson: Absolutely Amazing based on Genesis 1:1-25   


One: Creator God looked and smiled and said, “Isn’t that good.”

All:   Absolutely Amazing.


Gospel Lesson: John 1:1-14


Reflection: “The Wonder of Creation”  Rev. Kay Clowater


Prayers of the People


Offertory – Sung Offertory – Prayer of Dedication

“What Can I Do?”     

What can I do? (What can I do?)

What can I bring? (What can I bring?)

What can I say? (What can I say?)

What can I sing? (What can I sing?)

I’ll sing with joy. (I’ll sing with joy)  

I’ll say a prayer. (I’ll say a prayer) 

I’ll bring my love. (I’ll bring my love)   

I’ll do my share. (I’ll do my share).

Words & music by Paul Rumbolt & Michele McCarthy; arr. Alan C. Whitmore, 2005.  Arrangement copyright 2005 Alan C. Whitmore.  Used by permission. One License #607733.


Hymn: “Here I Am, Lord”



Sung Benediction: “You Shall Go Out with Joy”