Clergy:  Rev. Kay Clowater

November 18, 2018


Gathering Songs:      “Morning Has Broken” and “Praise the Lord…..” 




*Call to Awareness

One: In faith, Abraham and Sarah set out for a new land.                                                   

All:   In faith, we seek to follow God’s ways in our lives.                                   

One: In faith, our church seeks to discern the future to which             

God calls us in our age.                                                                                           

All: In faith, we gather now to worship, seeking new life in Christ.

Unison: God of present, past, and future, guide us now to your new age of promise.                                                                                          

One: God’s faithfulness endures forever.                                                       

(adapted from ‘Touch Holiness’ by Ruth Duck)

Hymn:          “Great is Thy Faithfulness”                     


Gathering Prayer/Prayer of Confession

Creator God, ground and source of our being, we come with thanksgiving in our hearts for the privilege to gather as a community of faith in worship. Empower us with your Spirit that we might rekindle the gift of faith within us.

God of our mothers and fathers, we believe you are a God who works in history. Yet we confess that we are sometimes too busy with our own lives to perceive you at work in our time. We fall into fear and despair about our troubled world. Forgive our lack of faith and help us to join with you as we labor to bring new life on earth..(hear now our silent confessions)

The Prayer of Jesus

Scripture Verse


Luke 17:  5, 6

“The apostles said to the Lord, ‘Increase our faith!’ The Lord replied, ‘If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could  say to this mulberry tree,  ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,  and it would obey.’”


Hymn:            “It Only Takes a Spark”                         VU 289

Time with the Children

Prayer for Illumination

Eternal God, in the reading of scripture may your Word be heard:  in the meditations of our hearts, may your Word be known, and in the faithfulness of our lives, may your Word be seen.  Amen.

Epistle Lesson:          2 Timothy 1:1-14

Gospel Lesson:          Luke 17:5-10


Choir Anthem


Reflection:     “Rekindling our Faith”          Rev Kay Clowater    


Prayers of the People

Offertory – Sung Offertory –Prayer of Dedication

 “What Can I Do”   (screen)                                                                   

Hymn:     “Faith of our Fathers”                              VU 580          




Sung Benediction:     “Go With Us, Lord”