Sunday, June 17, 2018 ~ 10:30am Morning Worship

Today’s Bulletin is Dedicated in Loving Memory of Charles A. Rose by Gina, Stephen, and Lisa


Gathering Songs:  “I Love to Tell the Story” and “This is the Day”




Hymn:  “Would You Bless our Homes and Families”


Proverbs 24:3 “Through godly wisdom a life, a home, and a family is built and through understanding it is established on a sound foundation.”


My Dream Father’s Day (video)


Prayer of Confession:  Our Heavenly Father, we thank You that You have adopted us as Your Children. We know that You love us and care for us all the time. We know that this week we have not always lived the way You would have us. We have disappointed others. We have disappointed ourselves. Please forgive us and help us to live as Your children.  Amen. 

Words of Assurance


Hymn:  “Teach Me God to Wonder”



Graduates from Leo Hayes High School:

Nathan Fullarton, Son of Krista and Jonathan Fullarton, Grandson of Paul and Lorraine Fullarton and Katherine and Gerald Bavis.

Megan LaRochelle, Daughter of Cathy and Wayne LaRochelle; Granddaughter of Harold and Aubrey McLeod.

Sarah MacLoon, Special friend of Nashwaaksis United, Daughter of Brenda and Peter MacLoon, Granddaughter of Chris and Art Gilmore.

Evan Peabody, Son of Gary and Tina Peabody, Grandson of Norma Peabody and Wayne Perry.


Graduates of Fredericton High School:

Gabriel Aren Geisterfer Nyvlt, Son of mothers, Priscilla Geisterfer and Patti Ramsey; Son of Mark Nyvlt; Grandson of Diane Hoskin Ramsey, Josette Nyvlt, and Grandfather, Charles Ramsey.

Callum Flynn, Son of Connie and Dan Flynn; Grandson of Jean and Jack Flynn and Anna Birnie.


Graduate from New Brunswick Community College:

Stephanie Brannon, Daughter of Heather and Philip Brannon; Granddaughter of Gerald O'Hara, with a Degree in the Applied Studies Mentorship Program.


Graduate from Atlantic Business College:

Emily Brannon, Daughter of Heather and Philip Brannon; Granddaughter of Gerald O'Hara, with a Diploma in the Early Childhood Education/Educational Assistant Program.

Graduate from the University of Ottawa:

Sarah Dykeman, Daughter of Donald and Kathy Dykeman; Granddaughter of Harold and Donna Dykeman, with a Bachelor of Education Degree.


Offering:  Instrumental Selections:  Faith Kennedy

Dedication:  “Grant Us, God, the Grace”

The Lord’s Prayer


Ministry of Music:  Ladies Choir


Sermon:  How do I build a Great Life?  On this Graduation Sunday where our young people are moving forward to start building their lives, and on this Father’s Day where we fathers are charged with the responsibility to help our children make their way in life, I want us to look at:  How do I build a great life? 




Hymn:  “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”



Sung Benediction:  “Jesus, Teacher, Brave and Bold”