FALL NEWS LETTER                                               September 2018


With the coming of summer, we heard the sounds of lawn mowers and children’s giggles in the backyard, sounds of happy splashing in neighbouring pools, motorbikes, blue jays, crickets and squirrels. With the coming of fall we begin to hear the ch—ching of the cash register as we purchase school supplies, the screech of school buses stopping to pick up children, the rustling of leaves along the streets and the hollow sounds of the wind through the trees. But there is one sound that we have heard throughout that has rung clear into our hearts through every season and that is the sound of the bells of our church which have rung literally like clockwork. This summer during our camps the children would draw our attention to the sound of the bells ringing… These bells ring sure and true no matter the season no matter the day… Like the voice of God in our ear reminding us that God is near. You can count on the sound of the bells reaching your ear if you are near enough to hear. So now, as we enter this new season we invite you to draw near to us here at Nashwaaksis United Church where we welcome you to church and encourage you, your families, and your friends to come, see, and hear the great things that God wants you to get involved in in our faith community. Here at Nashwaaksis United Church we see ourselves as a family Church and we want to welcome you into our family.


Welcome to Church Sunday, September 9th


We welcome you to join our family of faith as we open our doors to all of our sun-bleached regulars, our cottage-going frequent flyers and our beach bums, those who adorn our benches frequently and those who are coming for the first time. As with any fresh start we will celebrate with special music from the worship band and delicious treats during coffee time. Come and join us! Take part in this special service, come for the day, come for the season, or come for the year! We want to include you in our family. Bring your children and grandchildren -- there will be registration for Nursery, Sunday school and Youth Group. Our programs are creative and interactive. Participate and see!


Coming this fall we have:

·         September 9th Welcome To Church Sunday, with the Worship Band performing

·         September 16th Creation Ministry presentation with Gus Olsthoorn; Soup and Sandwich following the service

·         September 21st 2 pm – 8 pm Nashwaaksis United Church Quilt Show

·         September 22nd 10 am – 3 pm Quilt Show continues

·         October 20th Pork Dinner

·         October 18th Our annual UCW Bridge Luncheon at 12 noon

·         November 2nd Dinner Theatre, “The Life of Riley”

·         November 17th UCW Church Bazaar


As in any family, our Nashwaaksis United Church family is full of life and this year our life is full of change. In July, we said fare thee well to Rev JD Kennedy, his wife Ruth, and their daughter, Faith, as they journeyed to a new pastoral charge in Prince Edward Island. We will surely miss him and the whole family and the gifts they shared with us. To help serve in the leadership of our church while we search for a new minister of Worship and Pastoral Care we will be delighted with the service of Rev Lisa Greenwood and Rev Catherine (Kay) Clowater. Both Rev Lisa and Rev Kay are familiar to us and have led us with grace and integrity previously.

Called into ministry out of a desire to be a military chaplain, Rev Lisa’s ministerial career was diverted by trauma and the resulting condition of PTSD. She is now inspired by two things: One—the power of positive comments, and; Two—God never gives up on us! So we must not give up on ourselves. We may be a bit different on that other side, but God can always work through us.

Rev Kay and her family were members of our Congregation many years ago.  Rev Kay did both her inquiry and well as her discernment for ministry right here at Nashwaaksis United in 2000.  She has recently retired from a lengthy ministerial mandate served most recently at St Andrew’s United Church in Harvey. So it is without a doubt that we will be led with grace and integrity in the days to come.

Please note that Rev Lisa and Rev Kay are pulpit supply Ministers and are not serving as Pastoral Care Ministers currently.


In addition, over my holidays, I, Rev Priscilla, experienced some health challenges that required a period of hospitalization and will now require a period of sick leave. My condition is not life threatening, so please don’t worry, I will return to health. It will, however, take some time for me to heal and return to full strength.


Fortunately, my condition did not interfere with the summer camps that were held here during the month of July. This was a busy month for me. For the week of July 16-22, the Go Project Adventure Camp was hosted here at our church. This is a camp that is organized and led by Islington United Church near Toronto Ontario. It is a social Justice camp that invites the participants to find the ways that God is woven into the world. Here in Fredericton: they found God amongst the frogs at Hyla park; they found God amidst the food and clothing at Greener village; and they found God in the laps of the seniors at Windsor Court. These campers found that as children they too have gifts to bring to the world and to the table of God. They learned that just by being who they were they could fill the bucket of another person’s heart. Can you?


This was a full-day camp and many helpers were needed to make this camp a success. We had three youth who volunteered their time for the whole week. Without Kara Fullarton, Kaitlyn Murray and Gabby Geisterfer Nyvlt the leaders would have been floundering. Thank you so much for your help. Then there were the drivers who helped us to get to all of our destinations. There were 9 of you and 7 from our church family. We are so grateful for your service. Your attention to safety and clear navigation helped us to find God in the world. Without those who provided and prepared the food we would have been too hungry to function. Forest Hill United, St Paul’s United, Wilmot United, and our own Nashwaaksis United helped out with this endeavor. By inviting the diverse Churches of Fredericton to participate we were able to create alliances with them that are stronger than this one-week experience. And, the food was great too!!! :) As you can see many hands were involved and many connections were made … and many times God entered into the mix!


Our next camp came only a week later and this was our “Stories in the Sand” VBS. As you can imagine it was a sand-filled week. This camp catered to a younger crowd and was quite a bit sandier than the previous week. The days were shorter but the music… Ohhh the music was to die for!!! We sang about our Father Abraham and how we are one of his many children, then about Moses crossing the Red Sea, then about the Ten Commandments, and the movements of the people of God and finally the gifts of the Spirit. What we heard in every story that took place upon the sand was that our God is truly an Awesome God!! And this God Reigns powerfully not only in heaven but here, right here on earth, right now in this place, right beside you and within you. We learned that the breath of God fills our lungs every day and animates our being. This is truly AWESOME!!!

We had an amazing time crafting, playing and singing with sand. I wish you could have been there…oh yes some of you were…Thank you to those of you who came to help out and a huge thank you to Kara Fullarton, Jacob Fullarton, Gabby Geisterfer Nyvlt, Madelynn Hamilton, Sheridan Hamilton, Sarah MacMillan, Kaitlyn Murray, Anna Lavigne, Ren Lavigne, Anna Lingley, Olivia Lingley, and Kate VanBuskirk, -- our amazing youth without whom this camp would not have been possible. Thank you to those who told stories, those who shared food, donated food, and those who shared their time. A particular thanks goes out to the children who came. Each one of you etched a special place in my heart with each story that we told. May you forever experience sand with God in mind.

Indeed, the summer felt full. Yet in truth, I would say it was complete, just as God would have planned it. So now we turn our hearts and minds to the fullness of the fall. For the month of September we welcome you to register your children and grandchildren for Nursery, Sunday School and Youth Group. Registration forms are available in the church office.

This year the Grow Zone, our Sunday School, will journey through many of the sacred stories of the Bible. We are always looking for adult support in terms of doorpersons/greeters and storytellers. Our Sunday gatherings take place during the Church service. The children are ushered out after the story time. Children ages 4-10 are welcome to attend.

Our Youth meet during the Sunday service as well. We call them the Extreme Team. They meet each Sunday from 10:30-11:30. We gather in the church at the start of the service and exit at story time to meet in the youth room located between the two Godly Play rooms downstairs. This time together is focused on spiritual reflection exploring God’s participation in our lives. The final Sunday of each month, the youth engage the diverse ministries of the church by ushering, taking collection, helping the digital ministry, helping in the nursery, and Grow Zone and preparing and serving coffee. Youth ages 11-19 are welcome to attend. We will be starting our Fundscrip fundraiser this year to work toward increasing accessibility here at Nashwaaksis United. You can help and it won’t hurt a bit ;) Keep your heart tuned in!

Our Youth Group, ages 11-19, gathers for socialization twice monthly on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8 pm, where we play games and work on social justice projects. Our motto is “We are the change!!” We follow the WE.Org foundation programs throughout the year. Stay connected so that you might join us as we create waves of change.

The Faith Formation Leadership Team of the Church meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Our first meeting will be September 18th, 2018. All are welcome. Leadership takes many forms so trust your heart if you feel you have wisdom to offer and would like to join our team. All are welcome.

Other Faith Formation Programs such as Bible Study and Confirmation will be starting in the New Year in 2019.

Ministry of Music:

“Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to

the Lord.” (Ephesians 5:19)


Music is a powerful gift from God that complements, supports, and deepens the impact of the words we

sing. Music is a vital component of worship and the NUC Choir is a vibrant, enthusiastic group of singers

who enjoy leading the music each Sunday morning during worship. If you like to sing or play an

instrument, there are many components of the Music Ministry at NUC that you may be interested in:


· NUC Choir gathers each Thursday evening (7-8:30 pm) to prepare for weekly worship services as well as other musical events. Choir practices will begin on Thursday, September 13, in the Sanctuary.

· Red Sweater Choir is a group of about a dozen men who gather from time to time to sing at church services and musical events.  All men who enjoy singing are welcome to join in the fun.

· Worship Band a regular part of our Music Ministry that blesses us with special music. They meet periodically to practice for special events.

· Christmas Cantata, “The Gift Goes On”, a reminder of the priceless gift given to us by God. Through music and narration this age-old story comes to life reminding us of the miracle of Christmas!  Practices begin on October 11, 7:30-8:30 pm.  Join us for this very special event!

To get involved in Music Ministry contact Heather at 461-1388 or brannonsmusicroom@gmail.com.

From our Council Chair, Lori Perley:

Welcome to Fall. I cannot believe how fast our summer went. The cooler temperatures and colored leaves will soon be upon us. We have many exciting events coming up this fall. Please check your bulletin for the dates. On September 9th we are having our Welcome to Church Sunday. That day and the week that follows is the start-up of our many group activities.

Summer activities did carry on. Thanks to all who helped with coffee hour following church. Rev. Kay Clowater and Rev. Lisa Greenwood are filling in for pulpit supply until December.  Our Pastoral Care Committee will be looking at a possible part-time position to help with pastoral visitation. Check out the people participating in the Parable of Talents this year to see if you can support them.


Your JNAC Committee has been hard at work and will hopefully be done their report by the end of September to go to Presbytery. We will be having a Congregational Meeting on September 23rd to approve the JNAC report and to set up the Search Committee.  This is the Committee that will be interviewing applicants for our full-time minister. Please pray about whether this is something you might wish to be part of.  I look forward to an exciting year. Have a wonderful and blessed Fall.

2nd Nashwaaksis Scouting Groups for Fall 2018:


2018-2019 promises to be an exciting year of enjoyable and healthy Scouting activities for all ages. Most registrations were done online during the summer.  A brief Welcome and Information Event and perhaps a few last-minute registrations for our Scouting programs is Monday, Sept. 10, at 6:30 – 7:00 pm in the NUC gym. 

Sections will meet beginning the following week, Sept. 17th and 19th, with the same days and times as last year:

BEAVERS: Mon, 6:30 – 7:30pm - NUC gym - Sheri Green, 474-0274 2ndnashwaaksisbeavers@gmail.com.

CUBS: Wed, 6:30 – 8:00pm - NUC Gym - Dan Green, 474-0274   34577green@gmail.com  

SCOUTS: Mon, 7:00 – 9:00pm - NUC Gym - Glenn Whiteway, 476-9899 glennwhiteway@hotmail.com

VENTURERS: Mon, 7:00 – 9:00pm - NUC gym (chapel - first half hour) - Gary Peabody, 455-4847 gary@andywilliams.ca


For general information about Scouting programs, contact either Shirley Gourley, 476-7591 shirley@gapauto.com or Tom Austin, 450-7151 taustin@nbnet.nb.ca  


There is nothing more important in life than your faith and your family. Whether it is our Youth programs, Children’s Sunday School, Guiding/Scouting Programs, Special Events, Bible Studies, our Choir or our weekly services, we here at Nashwaaksis United Church welcome you to come and get involved, to make memories, invest in your children, make a difference in this community and deepen your own faith. The only thing missing is you. So if you haven’t been here for a while, please know that you and your family are welcome to come and be part of the church family. We have a special place for you right at the front of the church. If you come all the time, know that your favourite seat awaits, that is unless I get there first!!! Our “Welcome to Church Sunday” on September 9th is a perfect time to start. We look forward to seeing you!



Rev. Priscilla and the Nashwaaksis United Church Family of God

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Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution or pledge toward our roof repair campaign.

Parable of Talents Offerings

Brooklyn Belmore - Baking

Larry Forward - Woodworking and odd jobs

Helen Forward - Muffins and baking

Reg Anderson - Light trucking and odd jobs

Janice Anderson - Pies and breads; Drives for appointments, etc.

Alex LeBlanc - Heritage Tours of Downtown

Mary Cameron - Date squares and biscuits

Jean Hicks - Picking strawberries; drives for appointments; grocery shopping; rides to the mall; and keeping someone company

Bob Bartlett - Utterly divine meatloaf and angelic cranberry/orange zucchini bread

Please call the Church office for contact information.

Look at the amazing work of the

NUC Quilting Group!

If you are interested in one (or more!) just call Elaine Crawford 453-9912.  All proceeds support the work of Nashwaaksis United Church.

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