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Who We Are

Our Staff & Council

We are blessed with the basic resource of a successful Church – people giving their time and talent to support the mission and work of the gospel. We are convinced that those who wash dishes serve equally with those who lead worship. There is no task more or less necessary than any other. This point comes home with great conviction when a toilet gets plugged and overflows. Thanks be to God for the one who knows where to find plunger and mop and how to put them to good use!

Those who are eager to grow in Grace know well that getting involved offers opportunity to practice what we preach. If you or someone you know would like to get involved – let us know! We’ll find a good fit for your talent and your time.

Judy (Galloway) Thompson

Judy (Galloway) Thompson

Office Administrator

Judy and Paul have been married 36 years, have two adult children, Jesse and Julie; and have lived at Hamtown Corner (out the Royal Road) for 31 years. Judy grew up in Nashwaaksis and attended NUC in her youth. She moved out to Calgary in 1981 and when she and Paul decided to be married in 1985, it had to be Nashwaaksis United Church! They were drawn back again to NUC when returning to New Brunswick in 1991 – the third generation of her family started to attend. The children attended Sunday School were baptized and confirmed here. Prior to joining the NUC staff, Judy worked for Statistics Canada for 12 years as a Field Interviewer and Dr. Robert Christie (dentist) for 10 years as a Dental Assistant/Receptionist.

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Heather Brannon

Heather Brannon

Music Director

Heather Brannon has been our Music Director since 2008. She is a versatile musician with an ability to bring out the best in singers and musicians, whether they are young or old. Heather enjoys working with the choir and is always open to the participation of new voices. If you have a musical or dramatic talent, do not hesitate to contact Heather and get involved with our worship team!

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Church Council

Council offers the opportunity to be involved in the ways and means by which our congregational mission is expressed. The process is dynamic and interactive. Ministry teams represent the interests and concerns of the congregation’s diverse membership. Council serves to coordinate the work of the ministry teams to maintain a coherent and focused approach to the furthering of mission goals and objectives. Participation in Council through ministry team work offers an ideal opportunity for growth in Christian faith and character.

Council Membership for 2021

(Council is Chairs that vote or their alternate)

Ministry Personnel

Minister of Worship and Pastoral Care
– Vacant


Officers of Council and Representatives of Organizations

Chairperson – Lori Perley
Secretary – Wilma Gilchrist
Treasurer – Bonnie Lyons
Envelope Steward – Maureen O’Hara
UCW – Winnie Bates

Committees of Council

Board of Trustees

(Chair) Terry Christie; Ken Lawson; Keith Bagnall; Larry Forward; Dave Huggard.


(Chair) Dale Hawkins; Keith Murray; Maureen O’Hara (Envelope Steward); Bonnie Lyons  (Treasurer); Keith Bagnall; Harold McLeod; Don Sterling; Russell McCallum; Bill Gourley.

Ministry & Personnel

(Chair) Shirley Gourley; Don Sterling; Jennifer Smith; Bob Bartlett; Clinton Lawrence; Paul  Smith.


(Co-Chairs) Lynn Smith & Ella Brown; Jack Patterson; Joan McGee; Barb Simmonds; Rhonda  Lawrence; Jean Hicks; Alex LeBlanc; Donna Dykeman; Anne Trecartin.

Committees of Council

Pastoral Care

Janice Anderson; Marg Gunter; Rena Neales; Kim Hamilton.

Special Events

Larry and Helen Forward; Reg and Janice Anderson; Tom and Rindy Austin; Paul  and Lynn Smith; Wilma Shephard; Bill Lunnie; Nancy Hawkins; Ella Brown; Bill Gourley; Dave  and Betty Reed.


(Chair) Larry Forward; Helen Forward; Jeff Barrett; Alex LeBlanc; Reg Anderson.


(Chair) Jeanie Whitehead; Rev Nathan Wright; Heather Brannon; Bonnie Crandlemere; Lynn  McCann; Barb Simmonds; Sandra Coughlan; Sandra Reed; Susan Perrott; Larry and Helen  Forward.

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Fredericton, New Brunswick
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Office Hours
Tuesday - Friday 9am to 2pm

We dedicate the revitalization of our online presence to the memory of the late Mary Hicks.  We are grateful for Mary’s personal estate bequest in support of the work and mission of Nashwaaksis United Church.