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Faith Formation Coordinator

Faith Formation Youth Coordinator

POSITION LOCATION: Nashwaaksis United Church

POSITION HOURS:  Part Time (10 hours per week)

CONTRACT DETAILS: 1 year contract, possibility for renewal based on performance and funding availability.

COMPENSATION: Starting salary is $15.75/hour


The primary responsibilities of this position will be to coordinate, administer and deliver Nashwaaksis United Church’s Sunday School and Youth Programs.

Coordinate, administer and deliver the Sunday School program:Work with the Faith Formation Committee to develop the Sunday School program
Teach a class every scheduled Sunday from the established curriculum(2 hours/week)
Preparation work as required on a weekly basis for the Sunday School program(2 hours/week)
Develop a group of volunteers to assist with classroom teaching 
Prepare and deliver special Sunday School programs (i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc.) 
Develop and deliver a youth program for children ages 12 years and older:(4 hours/week)
Develop a youth program to be delivered twice a month to youth age 12 and older 
Communicate with parents and youth to develop an interest in attending the program 
Build a team of volunteers to assist with the program 
Deliver the program twice a month 
Planning long-term programs and communication with children, youth, parents, volunteers, and staff. (2 hours/week)


  • A sound Christian faith
  • A sound understanding of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion principles and practices
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment with NUC staff and volunteers
  • Volunteer Coordination skills
  • Effective time management, prioritizing and organizational skills
  • Proficient in Word processing, Social Media, and Graphic Design.


Please submit a resume and cover letter to Nashwaaksis United Church admin@nashwaaksisunited.ca by September 18th, 2023.

Welcome Back To Church Corn Boil

Fall is in the air and activities are gearing up again. You are invited “back to worship” with the friendly folks at NUC! Maybe it has been awhile since you have attended church, due to commitments, Covid or any other reason. We have an awesome new minister, Rev. Richard Bowley and a enthusiastic new music director/organist, Lynda-Jean Coffin.

To celebrate the beginning of fall activities and the return of YOU, we will have a delicious corn boil after the service on September 10th. All are welcome and we hope to see you then!!


FRAUD/ SCAMMING SESSION – Your Pastoral Care Committee will be hosting this session, to be held in the auditorium of NUC, on Tuesday, June 13, 1-3pm. Guest speaker will be Const. Mike Bamford, of the Fredericton City Police. There will be light refreshments. Please join us and bring a friend.


YARD SALE Saturday, June 10, 8am-12noon at Nashwaaksis United Church, 46 Main Street. We’ll have a little of “this” and a lot of “that” – something for everyone.  Come and find a new treasure!

 If you are Spring Cleaning this year, we would be happy to help take your treasures off your hands for our yard sale. Please bring your items to the church on June 7, 8 and 9 between the hours of 9am-12am. Please no large furniture or clothing items. If you need something picked up, please call Larry or Helen Forward at 506-457-1338.

COVID Recommendations from Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council

Covid-19 Update (New Brunswick) March 16, 2022

Dear members of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council (New Brunswick):

Over the past two years, so many messages regarding Covid-19 guidance and memos, have been sent from my office to all pastoral charges. I remember two years ago when we all had to make the difficult decision to shut down for what we thought, at the time, would be two weeks. We have now turned the corner to a new reality; the lifting of remaining restrictions on March 14 means New Brunswickers will no longer be required to wear masks in public spaces or limit gathering numbers. All businesses and organizations will be permitted to operate at full capacity without physical distancing requirements.

I have reached out to our legal counsel, inquiring as to whether our churches can still require proof of vaccination if it is no longer mandated by our governments and health authorities. I was told my inquiry is quite timely, as this was the current topic of discussion amongst their legal colleagues. As we have never been in a pandemic before, we have no precedent as to whether congregations can require people to provide personal health information, i.e. proof of vaccination, when the government is no longer requiring such mandates.

Given that a proof of vaccination reveals personal health information, which is private, the understanding is that a congregation cannot legally compel anyone to provide such information and bar entry if they don’t. While at this point there is not a definitive answer, and we are awaiting more information, I am inclined to advise that proof of vaccination no longer be part of the process for access to church entry.

However, we have heard from our health authorities that businesses, workplaces and other public spaces can choose to continue recommend masking. As we know that COVID is still very much a part of our lives, and we have members of our Communities of Faith and family members who are vulnerable feel it is wise for our churches to proceed with a degree of caution.

Therefore, in order to continue to protect the most vulnerable amongst us, I would suggest, that as you make your plans for reopening post public restrictions, that you do so slowly. You may wish to add some of the following to your reopening plans. With operating at full attendance capacity and Proof of Vaccination, no longer being required for entry you may wish to:

  1. Continue to have hand sanitizer be available throughout the building.
  2. Recommend masks still be worn for the full service at least for the next month.
  3. Have a gradual move to: masks being required when moving around the church building, but may be removed while seated, if you are comfortable doing so.
  4. Physical distancing maintained between rows but not between seats. Asking people to sit in their bubbles where possible. If people are nervous and wish to be distanced from other, have ushers available for help with seating.
  5. Coffee Times, before or after church: People should be seated rather than moving around eating and drinking. It would be good to avoid buffet style for the time being, and have a person serve the tea and coffee with the snacks prepackaged or on individual plates.
  6. It might be a good practice right now to have youth and children’s programming offered with the requirement of masks and have leaders and volunteers wearing masks.
  7. Offering plates continue to be placed in the church for offering and not passed around. You may also wish continue to highlight other giving options; Pre-Authorized Remittance, Postdated Cheques, etc.
  8. Caution should continue to be taken with Baptism and Communion.
  9. Caution should continue to be taken with visitation at institutions and personal homes of congregants.
  10. Continue to clean frequently touched areas.

As these are the hoped-for next steps, let us move forward with great care for one another. Let us continue to be patient and kind, as everyone will not be in the same place when it comes to their comfort levels. Ministry & Personnel Committees, please remember to check in on your staff.

Let us, with grace and courage, walk into this next phase with love for one another foremost on our minds and in our hearts.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to be in contact.

Blessings, Faith March-MacCuish Executive Minister

Updating Our Contact List

Good Morning Members and Friends of Nashwaaksis United,

It is important for us to have our contact lists up to date.

Email is our main form of communication, for the recorded Sunday services and anything else going on at the church.  If you wish to change your email or be added to our list, please let me know.

We also have a list that contains names, addresses and phone numbers.  If there are any changes for yourself or someone you know, please call the office .

Thank you!

Blessings, Judy

Prayer Shawls

The idea of a Prayer Shawl is to use it with your daily prayers. It is to enfold you with a reminder of the Love of God and let you feel wrapped in the arms of Gods grace. On days when you just can’t pray, put the Prayer Shawl over you anyway and be embraced in the warmth of fellowship of those who are praying for you.

These shawls are available at no charge, for yourself or someone you may know. Please drop by the church office or give us a call.


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We dedicate the revitalization of our online presence to the memory of the late Mary Hicks.  We are grateful for Mary’s personal estate bequest in support of the work and mission of Nashwaaksis United Church.